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PREFACE: Submitted to a tumblr poetry contest, inspired partly by the first 20 minutes of my dj set 1-17-24 PROFIT.

Clean your teeth with the meat of pig,

Gamer sinew caught,

Prime game slaught.

Try your luck with me,

It's your knife I saw,

It's my bones you sought,

And it's the pigs'.

Dribble king,

Sweet soul king,

He's not me if you're asking.

I do dribble,

Prime juice raw,

Served a side of coleslaw,

Sitting on the side of basketball.

I shit mud.

Now I'm ready,

To sit next to swine.

I know my place in line.

I'm dribbling down the belt.

I shit mud.

I know where my head belongs,

Right next in line to porcupine.

I sing such sweet songs,

When I fire the mudslide,

And you take a swig,

Of the guts of pig,

Served chalice side,


You order the palisades,

Extracted from arcades,

Drawn and quartered,

Who sit before you,


You know your place.