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PREFACE: Pretty sure the assignment was something about Iambic pentameter.

Ticking, tocking, grandfather clock rocking,

Cuckoo bird, so absurd, midday comes knocking.

Emptying its sound within a room of blue.

Emptying its sound for it's loved by just you.

But this bird strikes fear in your mother's heart,

And father, he cries out, alone, apart.

All those stories you read will soon come true

Brakes hit, wheels stopped, square chin, stern face, tie, too.

Walks in, collects your things, you watch, eyes glow.

Mom screams and cries and pleads for time to slow.

Dad's absence bothers you none whatsoever.

This bloodline already far gone, severed.

Memories drown in bathtubs, all washed away.

Under their watch, you will no longer stay.