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PREFACE: I slightly adjusted the ending to this one. It's for the best, I think.

Careful not to trip over any obstacles masked by the dark, I meandered over out into the hallway and towards the toilet--the third venture this night. My head still in a haze, I slowly flipped through the previous day in a vain effort to perhaps remember drinking several gallons of lemonade--but no such event did happen, and no explanation existed for why my bladder had seen fit to interrupt my otherwise lovely dreams. As I slipped back under the covers, I cursed my bladder and threatened it should it attempt to harrass me further. And with little effort, I slipped peacefully back into slumber.

Wind nipped at my exposed and, quite frankly, hairy legs. I peered up through my rimmed shades towards the sun with eyes squinted and nose scrunched up, as if to express discontent with the current level of heat which was failing in its fight against the rather chilly evening air. Still, I was warmed up by the earlier memories of today's beach outing--a huge success and a satisfying way to spend this lazy vacation. Nursing my chilled water, I then felt my eyes wander over to the distant horizon, where puffy clouds rested comfortably atop the calm, blue ocean. It would be only a matter of time before the sun would descend to join them, wrapping up the day's events in a package of bliss epilogue. Ignoring the chill felt along my legs, I gave in to the tranquility around me and rested my eyes.

"Hi! Are you using this seat?"

Immediately alerted at the presence of someone else, my eyes shot open and I spun round only to make eye contact with eyes bluer than the horizon I had taken in just moments ago. A few seconds passed before I had come to the realization that these eyes were but inches from my own, and I squirmed backwards, scooting my chair away. Annoyed that this stranger would invade my personal space so abrasively, I sprang onto the defensive.

"Are you aware of how rude it is to stick your face in close next to a stranger's like that?"

"It is?"

I felt myself taken aback at how genuine her tone seemed.

"Well… yes."

"Oh, but…"

She had her head cocked with her eyes now peering upwards, as if she were trying to remember what sort of internal logic brought her to make the decision she had.

"...I don't know," She continued, "You seemed to be asleep, and I thought I wouldn't be able to gather your attention otherwise."

"But that doesn't even… make sense at all. You could've just spoken from a few feet. Surely I would have heard you."

"Hm. Well, perhaps. But I didn't think to do it that way. I thought to do it this way."

And without a moment allowing me to digest her words, she brought her face up close once again. I hurriedly scooted back just as I had done before.

"What is--what is wrong with you?!" I exclaimed, exasperated.

"See! It gets your attention."

She seemed pleased with herself. While I felt frustrated at the girl's bizarre rudeness in her actions, I had begun to notice her strangely captivating grin--and with that grin did I notice the strands of her auburn hair resting peacefully to the sides of her face, creating a natural portrait. The sky's hue seemed brighter by her presence.

But I still valued the peaceful solitude once contained on this patio, and frustration crept back up knowing she had disturbed that. Clearing my throat, I stirred myself to regain that comfortable tranquility.

"Well, I realize you asked for a chair, but you cannot have this one, or any of the others at my table. I ask you now leave and allow me to continue my time alone here, thank you."

Her expression at once changed with her now appearing unexpectedly wounded.

"But there is no one else here. Why can't I sit down?"

"I don't know why you would want to sit down here in the first place. And besides, I was and wish to keep enjoying the coming sunset alone."

"'Cause I do bitch."