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PREFACE: The following skit was written for class, and I think there was... some point established here, for a lesson. Rereading it, I'm not sure I learned anything.

Teacher: Good afternoon class, I hope everyone had a good weekend. pause Today, we’re going to be learning about “Waga Baga Boo Boo.”

Student: raises hand, waits to be called on Um, excuse me? Professor Reeves?

Teacher: Yes, sport?

Student: Didn’t we learn about “Waga Baga Boo Boo” last week?

Teacher: No actually, I believe you’re confusing today’s lesson title with friday’s “Bing Bing Pooywa”. I appreciate you seeking clarification, however. Now, class, I’m sure you’ve heard of “Waga Baga Boo Boo” once or twice from some of your other teachers, but I promise it’s not as daunting as you think. You see, Waga Baga Boo Boo is simple. It’s constructed of Waga, Baga, and Boo Boo. Now when concerning Waga, you have to consider the Blitz Boo Bah, which you should all be familiar with.

Student: raises hand, waits to be called on Sorry, I’m not actually familiar with the Blitz Boo Bah.

Teacher: None of your previous teachers talked about the Blitz Boo Bah? Huh. Okay. Show of hands, class. how many of you were taught about Blitz Boo Bah? pause Interesting. Alright, I thiiink we have just enough time to squeeze this in. So class, Blitz Boo Bah is a part of the Yip Yip Dog Food conundrum, which concerns Yabba Babba and Boo Pah. Now, do keep in mind I said Boo Pah, and not Boo Bah. Two separate things.

Student: Sorry, so does that mean Blitz Boo Bah is just Yabba Babba times two?

Teacher: Close! Yabba Babba times three. Yabba Babba times two is Boo Bah.

Student: Okay, I get it.

Teacher: Does everyone else understand what Chris was getting at? You simply multiply Yabba Babba three times two.