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PREFACE: The following skit was written for class. My partner was a wonderful actor.

Mafia: “Hey, kid, hey!” snaps fingers “You, can you come over and help me for a sec?”

Victim: walks onto stage “Uh, do you… do you need something, mister?”

Mafia: “Yeah, sorry--look, it’ll only take a sec.”

Victim: “Okay…”

Mafia: “My close friend--Mar… Marvin--he got hurt a few days ago. Real bad.”

Victim: looking down at feet “Gee, I’m real sorry to hear that, sir.”

Mafia: “But he’s okay now! He’s doing better, I mean. And the thing is, we’re both working with the police to catch the bad guys who hurt him. And Mar… Marvin told me that he saw this kid, right? On a bike--one that looks an awful lot like yours--wearing a real distinguishable cap--like the one you’re wearin’ right now--and so I saw you and…

Victim: looking back up at Mafia “Are you… asking me if I saw anything, mister?”

Mafia: “So it was you! Oh thank God, I--we’ve been so worried we’d never catch those bad guys. Do you think you… remember what they looked like? The bad people hurting my friend?

Victim: looking down at feet again “I’m sorry mister… It was so scary and I don’t really know…”

Mafia: snaps fingers “Say, kid… I think I’ve seen you around before. You go to Regina Middle School?”

Victim: hurriedly looking back up at Mafia “Huh? Uh… I, um…”

Mafia: slaps Victim’s back “Hey, don’t be nervous! Relax. It’s just that my kid goes there, too. Curly hair, bit of a tough guy like his old man. Know ‘em?”

Victim: thinking for a moment “A-are you Mario’s dad?”

Mafia: “Hey, that’s right, kid! You two friends?”

Victim: “We um, we ride around on our bikes during recess. He’s nice.”

Mafia: “That’s great--terrific. I’m glad Marv… Mario’s makin friends. And you see, Mario’s real upset because of what happened to our good pal Marvin. They were real close, them two. And if you could try reaaal hard to remember what those bad men looked like, Mario’ll be a lot happier.

Victim: looks down at feet, pauses for a few seconds “There… Um. I think there were three adults…”

Mafia: “Oh yeah?”

Victim: looks up “Y-yeah, and one of ‘em had this… big white beard, like Santa. And the other two didn’t have any beards, but one of ‘em wore glasses with these--” big hand motions “--biiiig kinda dorky frames, and the other didn’t have glasses but a little mustache, um, right here--” points to upper lip.

Mafia: nodding “Gosh kid, are you sure? You know, I think I might know those guys.”

Victim: “I-I’m sure! And I even heard one of ‘em call Santa a name, um, just it wasn’t Santa. But I think it was close. Sammy, maybe…”

Mafia: “Kid, you’ve been a terrific help. D’ya mind comin’ down to the police station together and tellin’ them what you just told me? It won’t take more ‘n a few minutes and I’ll buy you an ice cream cone.”

Victim: “Well……. Okay. As long as Mario will feel better…”

Mafia: “That’s right kid, Mario’s gonna be real happy now thanks to you. C’mon, let’s go.”

Victim: turns towards exit and begins to walk to the exit

Mafia: pantomimes gun, says BANG!

Victim: falls down dead

Mafia: dusts himself off while walking past corpse, checks sole of his shoe for blood, walks out of scene