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PREFACE: This was a class assignment based around some crap YA book.

I am from dancing with Claudia,

Combing her hair, from sleep under the tent.

I am purple and red and pink.

the first mine, second hers, the third for her.

I am from chicken and mambo sauce

(extra salt on the fries).

I am from Warren and for Banneker

The meals I eat enough for three.

And the papers I write for two.

I am from rat droppings and Flowers in the Attic,

Where I lived and where I died,

Where I kept Claudia away, Edborough, the Pit Stop

Her warmth away from my tomb's cold.

Fast ass, dyke bitch, under April's shadow

and following April's footsteps

From Patti and Big Tip

and following August's footsteps

Living that ho life, to then none at all.

Under my bed was a diary,

Claudia and I, one lock and key

Sexy cops for Halloween

A dancing troupe of bumblebees

BUZZZZZZZZ, freezer unfreed.