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Thank you for your interest in WWW.APROXM.COM. My name is APROXM, 'prox' is fine as well; fool, scoundrel, be creative. I do not enjoy sharing personal details and would rather you click on any of the other buttons up top and/or skip on down to the GUESTBOOK, but I will relent on some. I have spent half my life hungrily downing media, and the other creating my own. WWW.APROXM.COM is my attempt at an Ozymandias to house my efforts, a statue intentioned to last in the decaying desert of the modern net. Whether this site will avoid its obvious fate is, at this time, not quite obvious, and until then it will remain a goal of mine to nurture the various categories I've labored over buttons and divs for, such as my art, my games, music, even Minecraft screenshots.

I will be frank. I live to make. I hold little ambition for else. I am disabled, sentenced by fibromyalgia, a medical condition Wikipedia describes as "defined by the presence of chronic widespread pain, fatigue, waking unrefreshed, cognitive symptoms, lower abdominal pain or cramps, and depression. Other symptoms include insomnia and a general hypersensitivity." This is not a self diagnosis. I am on a cocktail of prescribed medicine--Meloxicam, Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Low Dose Naltrexone. Perhaps you may empathize then when I write I, still hot dog, have little else to live for. I have not written this to invoke pity but to affirm my conviction in creation. I am weak, but I try very hard. When you cross paths with my art, you cannot see the pain cost paid to will it into being. My games, my writing--I've bled. You cannot understand the hurt I've allowed to travel up and through my fingertips in writing even this unless you too share my cognitive dysfunctions. I will affirm again I have no interest in pity, and I must further add that none of this is meant to shield from or dissuade critiques. Really, my email is proximeart@gmail.com should you have any thoughts for me or my body of work. It'll be appreciated regardless of what you write.

I guess I'm letting myself be defined by my disorder if I stop typing here. Really, living with fibromyalgia is easier now than it was two years ago. I'm not housebound. I like to go on walks every day, going as far as my feet allow, seeing what my sight too will. I am fascinated by animals, and I like when I encounter one or several during my adventures. Back at home, my roommate and I take care of a dog and three rats, one of which currently sits tucked away in the hood of my sweater. I like the dog, too, he's a cool puppy. I love listening to music, electronic mainly of the likes of Justice and Ed Banger, Soulwax/2manydjs and Deewee, LCD Soundsystem and DFA, etc. DJ mixes are the best--I'm trying to learn how to throw those myself, so stay tuned on that front. Also, I am the asshole who blasts all this crap out of my car's mouth at stoplights, and I'm not sorry. I like writing, drawing, reviewing, whining, pissing, taking hot ass baths (music blasting). I have been described as loud mouthed, annoying, and opinionated, and these allegations are tough to deny--it will be evident very quickly should you poke your head into one of my streams and stick around for an impotent rant or two. I read a little, not much. I believe video games are the most important writing medium of this century, as evidenced by turn of the millenium Deus Ex, and there is still so, so much that can be done in gaming. It is my sincere hope my own contributions can connect with people even just a fraction of the way the likes of Baldurs Gate 3 or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door have with myself.

Ok, I don't think there's much else worth saying. So once again, if you have any thoughts for me (or are interested in commissioning me for work), just shoot me an email at proximeart@gmail.com. Well, thanks for reading this bullshit. Go on and do something better with your time now... like signing the GUESTBOOK.